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Field Methods Workshop, October 2015 | AILDI - American Indian Language Development Institute

Field Methods Workshop, October 2015

Field Methods for Preserving Language and Cultural Practices
Dr. Tyler Peterson, Ph.D. October 16-17, 2015

Linguistics fieldworkUsing readily available sound recording devices, participants will learn how to gather, structure, use and store information on language, history and culture with a focus on language documentation. The one and a half-day workshop will be conducted by Tyler Peterson and Louise Wilson and Fern Weget, speakers of the Gitksan language in British Columbia. Target audience for the workshop includes community language teachers and learners, cultural specialists and practitioners, tribal museum staff, students and community researchers.


Totem Field Storyboards
Fieldwork Techniques Handout (20151017, CC:BY 2.0)
Fieldwork Checklist (20151017, CC:BY 2.0) 
LDTC Workshop on Elicitation (Recording with Colleen Patton)